Day 3


You would think that having a plant-based diet, you wouldn’t have to worry about sodium intake. Why would you? I first noticed that I was always very thirsty and my pulse and blood pressure were little higher than normal. I thought it was no big deal, because i was still in the healthy range. It turns out, that I’ve been getting as much as 500 mg of sodium more than the daily limit than when I first started the project! I was bopping along at about 1700/day, then it suddenly spikes to over 3000/day!
This is why we keep food journals when drastically changing diets. I had made a stir fry that I’ve been eating over the past couple days that I had added Great Value Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce to add flavor. “Reduced Sodium” sounds safe, but 2 tbs of the stuff is 1,064 mg of sodium! That’s more than a bag of pretzals or blab of ribs. That’s more than BBQ ribs and GMO filled burger! It’s really easy to slip into bad habits when you think you’re being healthier. No matter how good you feel, always look for weak spots in your diet. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
I would guess that the irony of my first official problem with veganism was too much of something. It was a scrub move to assume that I would be immune to certain excesses in things like saturated fats, sodium, cholestrol, and trans fats. The same basic rules apply in any type of diet from carnivore to vegan, you are not immune.
On a happier note, I discovered a new favorite thing, avocado on toast! One of my favorite breakfasts is Heinz vegetarian baked beans on toast with a soft boiled egg. It’s hardly the healthiest treat, but the flavors were tiny explosions that always kept the palate interested. This morning, I tried avocado on toast with some leafy greens and a dollop of salsa. With just a pinch of oregano to each slice made for a breakfast just as good as my beans on toast. I had a little spice, sweetness, savory, and crunchiness that was all too satisfying.
This recipe gets added points because it’s a very flexible recipe, just like the oatmeal bowls. You can add apple and flax seed, hummus and cucumber, tomato and pesto, grapefruit and almonds, cilantro and pineapple, the combinations are endless!
Avocado on Toast
– 1 medium hass avocado
– 2 slices toasted vegan bread
– Salt/pepper
– Additional toppings
– Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit
– Scoop out the fleshy inside of the avocado (If this is difficult, put the avocado in the microwave with a glass of water for 2-3 minutes to soften it)
– Mash the avocado with the back of a spoon
– Add a little salt and pepper and continue mashing until it is a thick paste
– Spread mashed avocado on toast
– Add whatever toppings you like to complete the meal
Daily Vitals

Weight: 213.4 lb (0 change)

Fasting Blood Glucose Level: 102

Blood Pressure: 119/76

Resting Heart Rate: 88

Total Calorie Intake:1884       229/86/69*

*”Total Calories per Day”     “Carbs/Fat/Protein” The ultimate goal is 1800 calories per day with a macronutrient split of 225/60/90.


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