Day 1


My new favorite recipe is oatmeal bowls. They’re super simple, flexible ingredients, and take less than five minutes to create. There’s just something about a filling, healthy, and delicious breakfast to start your day right. My first day was simpler than what I expected. I had lunch with my parents which I thought would be a bit of a hassle, but my parents were very supportive of my decision. They asked me if I could eat certain things, and we switched up our recipe to have all plant based ingredients. They even took a strong interest into what I have learned so far in my journey. In order to make lasting life changes, it’s important to have supporters to help you on your journey.

The biggest temptation occurred when we went to the movies together. They had their extra butter popcorn and sodas, and I nibbled on a NutriGrain bar. Thankfully, it was an interesting enough movie that I forgot about food and just enjoyed the day. I stayed true to my challenge and powered through the craving, creating a wonderful first day. I even snuck in a walk to enjoy this glorious 50 degree weather we’re having.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this much in a day. With no worries about saturated fats and contamination, I plowed through four very healthy meals that all took less than 20 minutes to make. Even my giant burrito bowl only needed time to cut up a few veggies and microwave a can of beans. If this is how every day is going to be, I’m going to love this!

Recipe of the Day

Oatmeal Bowls


  • Quick oats (or other preferred oatmeal type)
  • Fortified soy milk
  • Handful of your choice of fruit
  • 2 tbs of nuts


  • Prepare oats as instructed using soy milk instead of water
  • Add fruit on top of prepared oats
  • Add nuts on top of prepared oats

~375 – 400 calories *depending on type of nuts

That’s it! Whether you’re in a rush or have a long morning ahead of you, this super simple breakfast gives quick and lasting energy as well as the satisfaction of a full stomach. You can use whatever combination you want, but some favorites are:

  • Berries and sliced almonds
  • Bananas and peanut butter
  • Strawberries and dark chocolate chips
  • Apples and flax seed
  • Dates and chopped walnuts
  • So much more…


Daily Vitals Measurement

Weight: 213.4 lb (0 change)

Fasting Blood Glucose Level: 106

Blood Pressure: 119/79

Resting Heart Rate: 97

Total Calorie Intake: 2140      266/84/88*

*”Total Calories per Day”     “Carbs/Fat/Protein” The ultimate goal is 1800 calories per day with a macronutrient split of 225/60/90.


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