The Last Supper

January 30th


For my last meal before the project, I indulged in tomato and pesto thin crust pizza with cherry cheesecake for dessert. While I will miss cheese, I’m 100% ready to start anew tomorrow. I got all of my shopping done not to mention finding everything on my list, there are no meats, dairies, or eggs in my home to tempt me, and I have a colossal Pinterest board full of savory and rib-sticking recipes to keep me full and healthy. I may or may not have snuck in a few of my animal-friendly approved sweets jut in case I feel a unmotivated.

The first rule of veganism I have found on every website is to create animal-free versions of your favorite foods. Don’t eat salad everyday. Mix it up. Be spontaneous. It’s almost impossible to cheat, because there is nothing in my house to cheat with. If you make the transition as easy as possible, the rest will come naturally.

While I’m saying goodbye to unapproved foods in my fridge, I can’t help but feel slightly accomplished. Overthrowing my cupboards and stocking up on healthy options is oddly freeing. I don’t feel like I’m giving up anything, but rather I’m adventuring into an experience that I’ve never known before. The game is afoot! While I ride on the adrenaline of my new 30 day lifestyle, I keep reminding myself to be smart about this. Keep track of calorie intake, exercise, and vitals. If at anytime I feel like I can’t complete the challenge, what will be my mode of action? When I’m overwhelmingly bombarded with food temptation in the third week, what will I do to rekindle the flame of my determination to learn? This lifestyle isn’t for everybody, but what if it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

As a general public service announcement, if you decide to take the plunge and take a 30 day #VeganPledge, start the challenge off with a positive note. Any unopened and nonperishable foods should be donated to a local food bank. Not only are you being healthier for yourself, you’re helping families in need and cutting down on waste. Research local charities in your area and make it a side quest on your adventure to remember those who are in need.


To conclude my last supper message, I want to thank everyone following me on this adventure. You guys are as big a part of this project as my participation. I’m learning this information, trying the recipes, and analyzing every detail of my health for you as much for me. Whatever this month brings, I can guarantee that all of this are in it together.

Ladies and gentlemen! As of 12:00 AM on 01/31/16, I Animal-Friendly February: 30 Days a Vegan challenge officially begin!


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